My Biography

Anthony Higham grew up in Atascadero California. Starting in 6th grade, he began playing in the concert band at his school in Templeton Ca. He was always on top of his game when it came to music and religiously practicing and figuring out how to get the most out of the music situation he was put in. Trumpet was his instrument of choice, and catchy melodies and harmonies were his passion. During high school, Higham began writing his own songs and performing them at school concerts. His experience in Music theory and various ensembles in high school led him to discovering more about writing songs and performance. He began playing in the College level Jazz ensemble his senior year and graduated with the award given by the music department from Templeton High school. After graduating, He began General education at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo Ca. Much involved with the ensembles and music classes there, He continued writing for those ensembles. This is when he knew that music would definitely be his passion and continue to pursue it in a career. Strongly influenced by the music around him, Higham began wanting to create music for events and companies. This is what Ätio is all about.